Episode 15: One, Two, Skip a Few… Just Breathe and Let Me Love You!

August 28, 2017

This week, the ladies finally get their primal howl on in Vella Day's Training Their Mate. They learn that incest is bad, but it feels so good; killing a werewolf requires more than just a silver bullet; and, not only is Liz the worst vigilante ever, but The Pack are truly not good at their jobs either.

Mallory revisits her rule/rant about running away from danger. She also doesn't believe werewolves can't contract STDs. Meanwhile, Tamu practices her lower lip biting date face and confesses that she wanted to be a DJ.

They both discuss whether is it worth training your sex orifices to tackle larger members because Tru Luv; Mallory shows her support for vag training, etc. So don't give up ladies! Just keep trying!

Also, new products were born again! Mallory is fluent in elvish! We love Florida!

UP NEXT: At Any Price, by Brenna Aubrey



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