Episode Ten: The Adventures of Melinda-Isis

June 19, 2017

This week, the ladies explore the high stakes world of bank robberies, sheep farming, hostage taking, and menage-a-trois in Annika Martin's "The Hostage Bargain." They learn that sometimes to be free, you have to make yourself a hostage to three bank robbers and have sex with them. They also learn that sometimes when you live hard, you might also have to die hard; and to make sure you choose the right Goddess of origin to fit in with others.

The "Marathon Sessions" continue as does the ladies' tipsiness. Mallory judged a book by it's cover and ended up having a surprising reaction. She is also not a doctor, but she breaks down the action sequence in the book like no other drunkish lady could.

Tamu determines she would be tired after all of the sexual interludes and require many naps along with snacks.  She will also NEVER GET IN A HOT TUB. Both ladies agree Twizzlers are a good idea.

UP NEXT: Rhino You Love Me by, Lola Kidd


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