Episode Thirteen: A Hole Is A Hole

July 31, 2017

This week the ladies, along with gusband Ben and superfan/gusband Jim, strip down and lotion up for Lexi Post's, Cruise into Eden. They learn that Emily Dickinson was busy creating all male, all nude planets with no sexually transmitted diseases, pheromones are real, how to land a man in three seconds, and that sperm burns.

In their very first episode with guests, the laughter is plentiful and there was so much learned -- mainly about Jim. He explains how watery sperm reminds him of powdered milk. Meanwhile the group tries to determine whether sperm can actually whiten teeth.

Thanks to Urban Dictionary, Ben learns what truffle butter is and is not impressed. Even though Mallory remains fascinated by all of Jim's sexcapades, that does not stop her from getting in a rant or two.

Starbursts are now yet another item that with never be the same for Tamu. Everyone gets in a snicker and snort when Jim offers to become penpals with any listeners who own an iPod Touch in 2017.

UP NEXT: Bannockburn Binding, by Tracy Cooper-Posey


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