Episode Twelve: Layer Cake of Orgasms

July 17, 2017

The ladies explore the world of medieval dragons living in modern times in Terry Bolryder's Onyx Dragon. They learn that dragons are nothing if not brave; shifter wolves are the NYC rats of this universe, and human women are very forgiving if you give them a jillion orgasms.

This is the first podcast since the "Marathon Sessions" recorded in May and the ladies waste no time getting back into the swing of things. Mallory is super excited that the heroine of the story gets hers...over and over...and over. She explains what manspreading is and really shares her love of dragons, Steven Universe, and her Hobbit fanfic idea.

There are not one, not two, but three epic rants by Mallory, ranging from trusting your instincts to how to run away from danger while keeping your breathing under control.

A portion of time is dedicated to theme songs. Mallory shares her song for the summer, while Tamu shares her songs for Mallory's summer.

Check out the Because Tru Luv Playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/totokitty/playlist/3oT8hU7PI346VxCnNChkBO


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